Soon after the new year, we started collecting ideas about where we will go to the main holiday this year. Somehow, we were decided to go to Africa, but cheap air tickets from Ljubljana to Asia helped us to get back to Asia again.

Chaos, excellent food, the sea, cheap flights, and above all the wonderful nature, have helped us to buy air tickets for Vietnam in January …

Planning trip

Planning trip for Vietnam took me a little more time and nerves than I thought. We usually travel by drawing up an outline plan, then adjusting it on the way. In Vietnam, however, this is not the case, because the state is huge and it is necessary to set up an exact route so that you can also organize transportation. During my planning, I realized that I started planning a little late, since the prices of domestic flights are already more expensive than usual. It is advisable to buy an inner Vietnam flight, at least a month earlier.

why vietnam

We will be traveling in November, as we will take advantage of two holidays and three weekends so that we can extend our trip. We will be on our way together for 18 days.

We bought a ticket 10 months ago, at the time of the Turkish ticket sale, and we deducted € 426 for it. Since it was still far away, we also took the extended risk of failure at Coris insurance (6.6% of the value of the ticket) If anything happened, I would get money back for the price of tickets. As we fly from Ljubljana (Brnik), we will go there with our car, and we will leave it at our friends who live near the airport.

To visit Vietnam, we decided mainly because of the wonderful nature, excellent food, and because Vietnam simply had to find out on our travel list.

Three weeks before departure, we bought tickets for inland flights, we will combine other long distances with a night bus or train, we will rent a scooter or a bike for shorter exploration.

Vietnam has a great offer of accommodation, which is also funny cheap. We don’t make any room reservations ahead, only for the first two days, we booked a reservation in Hanoi.

The main reasons that attracted us to visit Vietnam are:

  • Mekong Delta
  • Halong Bay
  • romantic Hoi An
  • Ninh Binh
  • great food in Hanoi
  • Cham Island (if appropriate weather)
  • visit the caves in Phong Nha National Park
  • Cat Ba Island

why vietnam