Morocco … that destination, which we always had in mind and we were already about twice before buying airline tickets, but we have always chosen Asia.

Atlantic ocean, mint tea, tajin (national food), high mountains Atlas, spices, mysterious medina, blue Chefchaouen village, sleeping in Sahara, camel riding, bargaing, kana drawing, sand dunes, other culture, mosaics … All this and more convinced me to take things into my own hands and to buy Klemen for his thirty birthday a flight ticket for Morocco.

Although everything was carefully planned and would have all remained hidden until the birthday, one night at the moment of inattention I told the secret plan out … Ups …

To Morocco we will be traveling in the second half of October, during the autumn holidays. In Morocco, we’ll be for 12 days.

I purchased the flight ticket at the beginning of August, and I deducted € 150 for a single ticket. The tickets were not the cheapest, but there was no other choice depending on the desired travel date. Our flight is from Venice.

The trip plan is already roughly set, as we will make the most of the time available to visit Morocco during the time we have available. In order to make it easier for us to research, we will choose rent-a-car instead of public transport. We booked a car through Economybookins, which in our case proved to be the most favorable choice. For a 12 day rental, we booked Hyundai i10, with air conditioning and unlimited mileage, and we deducted € 155. Because we read that the traffic in Moroccan cities is terrible, we took a full insurance, which costs 8.26 € per day. So we will deduct 255 Euros for a 12 day car rent, which is 22 euros per day.

We will reserve the accommodation only for the first day, via Booking or Airbnb, and for the rest of the days we have a plan to search the accommodations from door to door, because some times you can get cheaper price.

As we fly from Venice (Marco Polo), we will go to the airport with our car, because it is still much cheaper as if we would decide for some company who offers an airport transportation. I booked the parking lot in advance via the Parkvia website. For 12 days, the parking lot will cost us 52 euros.

Our trip is as follows: Casablanca – Rabat – Chefchaouen – Fes – Meknes – Atlas – Merzouga – Skoura – Todre des Dades – Ourzazate – Waterfalls – Marrakech – Essaouira – Casablanca.