Backpacking through SE Asia is an increasingly popular way of traveling. The countries that make up Southeast Asia are Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Borneo, Philippines and Indonesia.
If you have traveled to Southeast Asia, you may have heard the unwritten rule: “When you pack for a trip, put all your clothes and money on the bed. Then take only half the clothes and once more money.


From our experience, it is recommended that you have two backpacks with you. A large backpack to pack all your clothes and other items, and a smaller backpack to hold more valuable items.

Travel backpack must be:

  • comfortable (you may have to carry a backpack for hours, so you certainly don’t want a uncomfortable backpack)
  • breathable (because you don’t want a wet back)
  • it should have a lot of pockets and the main part should be easily accessible (does not recommend a backpack that opens only from the top. A good backpack opens across even or from the back)
More about how to choose the right backpack click here.

* If you do not already have a backpack, you can also buy one in Southeast Asia for a good price.

what to pack for SE Asia

If you are traveling to Southeast Asia and thinking about a backpack trip, then you probably do not belong to those people who carry half a closet with them and their main concern is their appearance. If this is not you, then read on.

Most countries have high temperatures throughout the year, so there is no reason to pack warm clothing. Take light clothing, preferably cotton, with you. Choose the neutral colors that you can easily combine with each other. You don’t have to carry a lot of clothes with you, as almost every gusethouse or hotel has its own laundry room where they wash and wash their clothes for a little money (1-1.5 € = kg of clothes). While traveling, you will be able to buy new clothes for a very ridiculous price, but you should know that half of the backpackers will walk in the same patterns. Haha, pineapple, elephant or banana trousers are simply the law.


The fewer pairs, the better. More or less you just need sneakers and flip flops. We bring with us Salomon Speedcross sneakers, which are suitable for evening exploration as well as trekking. Flip flops are also a must have, and I also take my sandals with me for some easy walking around the city.


  • computer (we have the MacBook Air 13 because it is a small, lightweight and powerful computer, for travel and for everyday use at home)
  • go pro + attachments (great for the underwater world and to take a selfie)
  • powerbank (10000 mAh)
  • camera + lenses (taking Nikon D7200 and 18-140 and 35mm f-1.8 lenses, though more and more only with the phone)
  • mobile phoneIpod
  • headphones
  • travel adapter

Travel documentation:

  • passport
  • passport copy (we also have a copy in the mail)
  • credit card (debit, credit)
  • money
  • visa
  • copy of health insurance for abroad

Travel insurance
Without insurance for abroad we just don’t go. Thankfully, we have never needed it in the six years of our travels, but we never know when we will have to use it. It is true that medications and general visits to a doctor in Southeast Asia are cheap, but when it gets worse, you probably don’t want to get a hefty care bill. We are insured all year at Sava insurance, where annual insurance  costs about 45 € per person.

List of clothes:

  • 6 shirts
  • jacket
  • dress (with a black dress that is suitable for a swimsuit or dinner, you cannot miss)
  • 3 shorts
  • 2 long pants (I always buy them when traveling)
  • hat
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 8 pairs of underwear
  • a jacket or windbreaker that folds slightly into the bag
  • pants
  • 2 bras
  • swimwear


SE Asia is very well stocked with a wide variety of medicines. Medicines are very cheap, and on top of that they have much more choice than ours. In principle, the same drugs are obtained, only under a different name. Although we can buy everything on an ongoing basis, we have the following for ourselves in case of emergency:

  • pain pills
  • medicine for fever and colds (Daleron)
  • allergy medicine (Claritin)
  • diarrhea medicine (Linex and charcoal)
  • mosquito repellent (Authan Tropical, if purchased on the go, see that it has at least 30% Deet)
  • sun cream (we always take at least 30 factors)
  • aloevera gel  (sun burns and mosquito bites)
  • patches
  • hand sanitizer and moisturizing wipes
  • B – panthen (healing wounds and cuts quickly)
  • nasal spray and sore throat pills

Medicines, what to pack for SE Asia


  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • razors
  • deodorant
  • sunscreen
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • shower gel
  • moisturizing wipes
  • mascara, eye color
  • erasers, sponges, comb


  • summer sleeping bag (one that takes up minimal space but takes it where the hygiene is a little worse)    
  • sports towels (dries quickly and takes up minimal space)
  • a notebook for notes
  • cek pillow
  • Lonely Planet
  • sunglasses

But in most places you only need light and comfortable clothing and flip flops. Even if you forget something at home, don’t worry, you can buy everything on the go.