We have heard a lot about the mighty Dolomites. The Dolomites are mountains in northern Italy that are famous for their magnificent views, crystal clear lakes, green meadows, mighty mountains, and many hiking and recreational opportunities. We have spent unforgettable weekend at the Dolomites.

The Dolomites have been on our must see list for quite some time, so it was about time we visited them. Due to the overcrowding in the summer months, we preferred a nice sunny weekend in the middle of September to visit the Dolomites.

Our destination in the Dolomites was Cortina d’Ampezzo, which is about 4.5 hour from Ljubljana. We choose a longer route through Kranjska gora and Trbiz, as the route is more scenic, and the toll is avoided (the route across Austria: Austrian vignette 9.2 eur, 7.40 eur Karavanke tunnel).

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Arriving at the Dolomites, we first stopped in Cortina and walked through the city. We quickly discovered that Cortina is a pretty fashionable place, and the prices are appropriate. After walking through the city, we still had plenty of time to go for a short hike. We quickly decide to take the Paso Giau pass from where we are heading to Cinque Torri, which means five towers.
Weekend at the Dolomites: cortina d'ampezzo

Weekend at the Dolomites

Cinque Torri

At the top of the Giau Pass we start our hike, where we chose the path no.443 at the first intersection. It took about an hour and a half to get to Cinque Torri, but the trip itself didn’t seem too difficult. On our way back to the pass, due to suspicious clouds, we preferred the same route we came to instead of the circular route. Thankfully, we came back in time and ascaped the thick fog, which descended to the pass at our departure.

Weekend at the Dolomites: cinque torri

Cinque Torri

Weekend at the Dolomites

Weekend at the Dolomites: passo giau

Passo Giau

Our day in the Dolomites was coming to its end, so we found a place to sleep. One of the reasons we chose the Dolomites is the possibility of wild camping. What could be better than a free night overlooking the mighty mountains? We found a great spot just below the top of the Tre Croci Pass, near the chairlift.
Weekend at the Dolomites: wild camping

Lago di Sorapis

The second day in the Dolomites we awaken to a beautiful morning, with a divine view of the peaks bathed in the morning light. We slowly skimp out of the warm sleeping bag and we prepare a strong breakfast. Our destination today is to climb to Lake Sorapis, which is famous for its turquoise color of water. The starting point for the hike is at the top of the Tre Croci Pass, where is already parked a lot of cars (expected) due tolate hour. To Lago di Sorapis, my Garmin clock recorded 6.5 km, which took us about two hours to walk. Lake Sorapis lies at an altitude of 1923 m, and there is a difference of 200 m in height between the start and finish.

When we reached the lake, we were speechless. This color, this natural scenery … Even more beautiful than in the photos. All the scenery is a little spoiled by the promenade of people who, in the desire for a super Instagram photo, do a lot of things, and lets not forget to mention  about the inappropriate footwear for visiting the highlands. After a good hour, of enjoying in nature and its beauties, it’s slowly time to head back towards the Tre Croci Pass.

Weekend at the Dolomites: Lago di Sorapis

Lago di Sorapis

Weekend at the Dolomites

On our return, we camp again in the same space as the day before, where we prepare dinner and spend the rest of the evening at campfire.

Misurina Lake

Our last day in the Dolomites is dedicated to lake Misurina and a walk around the lake. The path around the lake is 2.5 km long and offers exceptional views of the surrounding mountains, which boast in reflection of the lake. When we return back to the starting point, it is time to head back to Slovenia full of impressions. For return way back we choose way through Tyrol acroos Austria.

The Dolomites are definitely a wonderful piece of the world that we will return soon, with no doubt. Not only that the scenery is beautiful, exploration itself can also be very cheap. Since we were wild camping, for a three-day visit to the Dolomites we deducted 80 euros (60 euros for transportation and 20 euros for in-store purchases).