Day which I like the least is definetely the day of our return back home. Back to reality, where we face everyday obligations and problems… Definetely one of the things beside meeting new cultures and sights that I just love is that I put myself to off and set the relax mode on. Perhaps to someone traveling is stressful, but to me traveling is complete dissconnection from everyday routine, internet, obligations and problems.

In the morning, instead of normally packing to go home, I make a big deal, because I remembered in the middle of the night that we forgot to buy magnets. I, who conscientiously collect magnets for the past ten years, I don’t go home without a magnet. After packing, we go back to the center of Timisoara and this time we do not stop at the main square, but probably in the center of the city, where among other things there is a well-known and especially beautiful Orthodoy cathedral. We finnally manage to find the stand where they sell magnets and other souvenirs and we can leave Timisora satisfied.

It is time to go on a long journey towards Slovenia. We were deciding which route to choose for return. We could go through Belgrade and we stop for a dinner on Skadarlija, but we decide to go through Hungary, because we have a valid monthly vignette, and through Belgrade we should pay 20 euros for toll. We have about 700 kilometers to the home, which we drove in about of seven hours without any longer stops.