During the Easter holidays, we had the opportunity to visit the Vipava valley. Our knowledge of the Vipava valley was only that there is always windy. This was the reason for the decision to go to explore the Vipava valley. We wrote short guide for beautiful Vipava valley.

Vipava valley

The Vipava valley extends to the West of Slovenia, and represents the passage of central Slovenia into the Furlan plain. It is divided into the upper, middle and lower Vipava valleys, and consists of the municipality of Ajdovščina and Vipava. The Vipava valley does not belong exactly to the common idea for a trip, but it is possible to change soon. In the Lonely Planet, the Vipava Valley has been listed on the list of the ten best destinations in Europe in 2018. The Vipava Valley offers beautiful villages with stone houses, twisted paths between vineyards sown on hills, andbecause of that the valley is also called as Slovenian Tuscany.

Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley
What to see?

The city of Vipava and the springs of the Vipava River

The city of Vipava is famous for its numerous natural and cultural sights. The city was named after the Celts, which they called “wip-ach”, meaning the valley under the rocks. In Vipava, there are nine springs of the Vipava river, which gives the place a unique image of the watery place, which is why some people call it the slovenian Venice. Just near the center of the city, the most famous spring the Podskala is located.

Zemono mansion

The magnificent mansion of Zemono stands on a hill, which opens a magnificent view of the surrounding vineyards. The mansion is built in Renaissance style with characteristic arcades. Now in the castle there is very famous restaurant Pri Lojzetu, and above the restaurant ther is a wedding hall.
Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley
Vipava source Hublja

The source Hublja is located about 3 km from Ajdovščina. It is best to look at it immediately after a heavy rain when the water flow is the biggest. To the source Hublja, you can take a walk from the center of Ajdovščina after a 3 km long learning path, or go with the car right to the source. A little over the source is also the same called restaurant.
Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley
Otlica window

Otlica window is a natural karst bridge, located north of Ajdovščina on the edge of Trnovo plateau. The window is accessible by the easy route from the village of Otlica, and for a more demanding hike, you can get to the Otlica window from the source of Hublja. At the clear weather, you can see all the way to the sea from the window.
Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley: otlica window
Village Vipavski Križ

Vipavski Križ is located at the top of the hill, in the immediate vicinity of Ajdovščina. The town is a small, picturesque and surrounded by walls, which is one of the most beautiful historical cultural monuments in Slovenia. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Vipava Križ acquired market rights, and twenty years later the emperor elevated it to the city.

Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley

What to do in Vipava Valley?


The Vipava valley is suitable for wine lovers and adventurers, and its beauty is best seen with bicycle. Mountain or road bike? Does not matter. Bike routes are suitable for both, families and for challenging cyclists.
Short guide for beautiful Vipava valley: cycling

Climbing is one of the most popular sports activities in the Vipava valley. Climbing walls are of varying complexity, and climbing is possible throughout the all year due to a pleasant climate.


Nanos, Čaven, Mali Golak, Otlica window and several other surrounding hills are one of the most popular hiking trails. Because of the very vibrant terrain, the Vipava valley is an ideal starting point for easier or more demanding hikes.

Where to sleep?

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