The Acheron River is located just 25 km from Parga and is a wonderful short trip through the crystal clear water surrounded by the high canyon. The river is the true pearl of this part of Greece, as it supplies the whole area with drinking water. Located in beautiful surroundings, with abundant vegetation and crystal clear water that make up the beautiful natural landscape. The river flows from Mount Souli Epirus and reaches the Ionian Sea at Ammoudia Beach.Perfect day in Acheron River

Acheron River and Greek Mythology

In addition to its natural beauty, the springs of Acheron are known worldwide for mythological content. In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was one of the five damn rivers that led to the underworld.

How to get to Acheron River?

The best way to get to the Acheron river is by car. Your destination, or the start of your journey, begins in the village of Gliki. We suggests that you search for “Acheron River or Acheron Springs” in navigation or follow the roadside signs for “Acheron Springs”. If you do not have a car, you can book a trip to one of the many agencies in Parga or the surrounding area.

Exploring the Acheron River

You start your trip in a large parking lot where you leave the car and get ready for the hike. The start of the trail starts a few minutes higher from the parking lot. You need sneakers or water boots for sale, which are also sold at the entrance. If you have the option to buy shoes and a case for your phone before, we suggest to do that, because the prices are once or even twice higher than elsewhere.

Perfect day in Acheron River

When entering the canyon, the water is really, really cold because of the many springs, but the higher up the canyon gets a little warmer. Most visitors walk up the canyon a few hundred feet deep until the water is still relatively low and then return back. If you have at least a little exploratory vein, we suggests going further into the canyon, as exploring is a totally unique experience. In some parts the river gets deeper and will need to swim upstream, again you will have to climb some rock, but mostly the river is shallow and slow.

Perfect day in Acheron River

If you decide to go to the “end”, the return journey will take you about 2 hours to walk. The excursion is also suitable for young children, where the water is still shallow and slow, but higher water in some parts is deeper and faster, and suitable for children who are already slightly better swimmers.

* You can also book rafting, kayaking, horseback riding on the river or simply enjoy one of the taverns by the river at the beginning of the trip…Perfect day in Acheron River

Perfect day in Acheron River