The beautiful Greek seaside town of Parga is located in the northwestern part of mainland Greece. Parga is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Ionian coast and for some the most beautiful coastal city in Greece.


Parga is very nice and with its colorful houses, which rise steeply up the hill quite photogenic place that invites you to visit it. The city is built in amphitheater form, around the coastal bay. The old town of Parga is charming and full of hidden corners worth exploring. From the mainland there is a beautiful view of the smaller harbor and the green islet on which stands the small white church. Along the promenade, ther is full of shops, cafes, bars and authentic Greek taverns, offering excellent Greek food and gyros.

Parga - beautiful Greek seaside town

Parga - beautiful Greek seaside townParga - beautiful Greek seaside town

Parga - beautiful Greek seaside town

Parga is a great base for day trips

Parga attracts a lot of tourists during the summer months, which is not uncommon because the city, in addition to its popularity, offers many opportunities for day trips.

1. Paxos and Antipaxos, known primarily for their turquoise water, blue caves and authentic seaside towns. You can book an excursion right in town, for which you will pay 15 euros per person.

Parga - beautiful Greek seaside town
2. The Acheron River is located just 25 km from Parga and is a wonderful half-day excursion through the crystal clear water surrounded by the high canyon. From Parga to Acheron Gorge you can take the organized transport with local agencies or by your car. You can read more about our trip to Acheron River here.

3. One of the top attractions in Greece that you really should not miss is the mighty Meteora monasteries that stands on top of the mighty rocks. You can take a car excursion or choose one of the day trips offered by local agencies.


Parga offers a wide range of accommodations such as hotels, apartments, hostels and campsites. Overnight rates (apartment) range from 30 euros in pre-season and from 45-50 euros in high season. The price depends mainly on the location, travel time and accommodation. We mostly camp on our roadtrips, so this time we chose a campsite. There are two campsites in Parga,  the Valtos campsite and the Lichnos campsite, which we also chose.

Campsite Lichnos

Campsite Lichnos is located in a quiet bay, just a 5-minute drive from Parga. Located on the edge of a beautiful bay, in the cozy shade of old olive trees. There are 150 places for motorhomes, tents and trailers, and the most beautiful part of the camp is intended for tents who do not need electricity. The campground has a small shop, and along the sandy beach you will find a restaurant and a tavern. From the campsite you can also take a walk between the olive trees to Parga, or take the boat from Lichnos Bay (10 eur / person).

If you are looking for a trip to Parga, we recommend that you search for accommodation in Lichnos Bay, where you have a diverse offer of accommodations. We both enjoyed the camp very much and were pleased with it. The staff at the reception are friendly, the restrooms are clean, the campsite is quiet, most of the places in the campsite offer at least a partial shade. For the stay in the main season we paid 25 euros for two people (without electricity, because we were staying on a non-parceled part). You can find more informations about Lichnos camping here.

Parga - beautiful Greek seaside town: camp Lichos