A stranger stops you on the road and says, “You have 10 seconds to choose your dream trip.” Which destination would you choose if someone offered you such a generous offer?

Each of us who likes to travel has some dream destination that we would like to go. Usually these are less well known and less visited but most often quite expensive destinations. We wrote our list of five destinations to go to if we had to choose our dream trip.

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat Island lies in the northwest of Indonesia’s Papua Island, and is known primarily for its beautiful underwater world and its inaccessibility. Raja Ampat is a true paradise for diving and snorkeling, turquoise sea and peace lovers.

Our five dream destinations: raja ampat

Raja Ampat (source: Wikipedia)

French Polynesia

Probably there is not a person among us, who has never heard of the dreamy Bora Bora and Tahiti. French Polynesia is located in the middle of the Pacific ocean and with its image, represents to each of us a true paradise on earth.

Our five dream destinations: french Polynesia

French Polynesia (source: Wikipedia)

New Zealand

We have heard a lot of good about New Zealand. Located at the other end of the world and consists out of two islands – the North and the South. New Zealand, according to many, is similar to ours country Slovenia, and we are tempted to visit it for some time. We are especially interested in the fascinating nature, adrenaline sports, trekking and last but not least the possibility of wild camping.

Our five dream destinations: new zealand

New Zealand (source BlueMarble Vagabonds)


Alaska is another dream destination for us, offering a one big adventure. The unspoiled nature, the grizzlies that catch along the rivers, the mighty fjords, trekking through the wilderness, the beautiful forests and the mighty mountains, this and much more, are the reasons we want to visit Alaska once and above all to experience it.

One year trip

To answer the question from the introduction, what is our dream trip? Undoubtedly, this is a one-year backpacking trip where we would be worried about nothing but what our next destination is. And which end of the world would we choose? Undoubtedly Southeast Asia combined with New Zealand and Australia. We simply fell in love with it.

The word “dream” is understood by every individual in his or her own way. Some imagine as dreamy as endless beaches and the turquoise sea, some  nature and some of them in between. It is only important that we dare to dream and, if possible, try to make it come true. We have the principle that we must strive for our dreams, no matter how big or what they are. We always strive to make our dreams come true, and maybe in the future it will happen.