For a while, we flattered with the idea of turning our caravan into a bedroom on wheels. This year’s holiday in Greece was a good reason to get it done.

It all starts with an idea

Together we made a plan on how it all looks together. We agreed that the last seats would have to go out, because only tjat we could get enough space. By doing this,  bottom of the trunk will no longer be flat, and making the construction a little bit harder.
Our car can also be a bedroom

Our car can also be a bedroom

Although the wagon is a longer car, the rear part is still too short to make the frame long enough for the bed. So we found a solution, to fix an extension which can fold up and down just behind the front seats. Before going to bed, we push the front seats forward and lift the extension, which is supported by two legs for better support. A built-in sleeping compartment is measuring 190 × 120 cm.

Our car can also be a bedroom
From the bottom of the boot everything is raised about 25 cm and at the back seats  50 cm, so we can put our things under the bed. Below we have enough space for camping equipment, clothes and a cooling bag.

The stuff we needed:

  • idea
  • wood
  • screws
  • sawmill
  • courses
  • chipboard
  • matresess

We deducted 20 euros for all the material (without the chipboard which we had at home), and for the pillows from Jyisk 50 euros, so a total of about 70 euros.

Our car can also be a bedroom