From 21st of March 2018, Oman has introduced an electronic visa for tourism purposes which can only be concluded online. For some countries is still possible to get the visa at the arrival.

To enter Oman a visa is needed and it depends on the length of the trip:

  • visa up to 10 days, which costs 5 OMR (11,70 €) + 1 OMR if you arrange it at the arrival
  • up to 30 days visa, which costs 20 OMR (47,90 €) + 1 OMR if you arrange it at the arrival

You apply for the visa online through this website, where you enter your personal data, you attach a photo for your ID and a copy of your passport. We recommend that you arrange your visa at least 4-5 days before the trip and you will receive your visa by email. If you do not get your visa within two days, look under the spam (we found it there).

Make sure you print your visa and bring it with you. Bring the printed visa together with the passport to the customs on one of the windows.. Before traveling, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.

* Citizens of certain countries (including Slovenia) can still arrange a visa at the airport. The cost of the visa is the same, only OMR 1 extra is paid for administrative costs. Here you can check which countries are on the list that still can arrange a visa at the airport.

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