The first morning in Malta we woke up in a wonderful morning and we get up around eight in the morning. We’re leaving for breakfast and making a plan for today. We are determined to go to the Valletta  today.

Like most visitors of Malta, we also decide to move around the island with public transport, which is well organized and very cheap. Before leaving, we got information that the weekly bus ticket costs about 7 eur and 24 hours ticket 1.4 eur, which we also wanted to buy. The next surprise is that there are no daily cards, but that we can buy other cards that are not so favorable. We can buy a 15 euro card, valid for 12 runs, and can be used for both of us, you only have to press the card twice on the device. There is also a one-way ticket for 2 euros, valid for two hours. Weekly ticket costs 21 eur. After surfing the web, we find that everything has changed on 1 July 2015 and that this applies only to tourist tickets.

After more than an hour of driving, we  reach the Valletta, because there was a lot of traffic on the road. The more we approached the city, more and more tourists were getting on the bus. We drove to the old town doors where the main bus station is just nearby, where buses from all over Malta are stops here. Valletta is the capital of the island of Malta, which has a very turbulent, and especially rich history. Already at the entrance to the city , the founder of the city welcomes us, the statue of the Maltese knight Jean Parison de le Vallette.

We countinue along the Republic Street which is main street, where you can see the impact of England, because in many places there are typical red London phone booths and mailboxes. We walk through the streets when we reach Hastings Garden and walk through the beautiful park to the viewpoint where the beautiful view at the city and the natural harbor of Grand Harbor opens, where the cruise ships are also anchored. After this beautiful viewpoint, we continue to the streets and find ourselves in the main square, where if we are lucky, we can watch the change of guard. The square itself is wonderful. An important and well-known thing in the city is the Anglican cathedral of Sv. Paul, who is recognized by the huge dome that is  65 m high. The city itself is ranked on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

When we get tired of wandering around the streets, because we’ve done most of the streets, we go to the bus station, buy a ticket for 12 rides and go back to our hotel in Buggiba.

The day is not over, so we wanted to spent the rest of the afternoon at the hotel pool, but we  quickly change out minds because the water is very cold, so we decide to walk to the beach and check the temperature of the sea. The decision was, of course, better, as the sea still has a pleasant 25 degrees. It looks like it’s already the end of the season, because there are only a few people on the beach.