Today was another great day, as we went to the neighboring islands of Gozo and Comino for an all-day excursion. Today’s day was particularly important for Klemen, since he celebrates his birthday today.

We woke up early and watched the sunrise from the balcony, which was really wonderful. As usual we went to breakfast and then prepared things for today.

In front of the hotel we took a mini bus which twas waiting for us and took us to the port, where we boarded the boat and since we were the first, we found the place on the sun deck. Soon we sail out the port and we pass the St. Pauls Island, and continue along the Maltese coast, where we can admire the cliffs and beautiful caves, and into which we can also go with the boat.

After an hour we reach the island of Comino, where we sattle in the Crystal lagoon. We used our time to swim in crystal clear water and swimming into the cave. While I was shooting some photos, I was a bit incautious and my sunglasses splashed into the water and my favorite glasses were gone.

Malta: Gozo and Comino

Our next stop on the island of Comino is the Blue Lagoon, where they shot some scenes from the same name film Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is very crowded. There is almost no space to put down the backpack and to stretch the towel. Blue lagoon is with its turquoise color and crystal clear water like a paradise on earth.

Malta: Gozo and Comino

Since we were busy with shooting pictures, we almost missed the boat and it almost sail out in front of us. Fortunately, they saw us waiving and they lowered the bridge so that we could embark. Comino lies between the islands of Malta and Gozo, the island is unpopulated, and there is only a small hotel on it.

Soon we arrive at the island of Gozo, which is the same as Malta, and offers many interesting attractions and natural sights. From the ship, we can observe the magnificent Mgar Harbour and the magnificent church above it. Gozo is connected with Malta by the ferry line Mgar – Cirkeww. After landing, we took a mini bus from the port and took us to a three-hour round trip around the island. The first stop is Azzur Window. Azure Window, which is supposed to be the most recognizable landmark in Malta and one of the most visited things on Gozo. The window is located in the Dweira Park. On the other side of the bay,  there are 250 meters high cliffs Ta – Cent, which are also the highest peak in Malta.

Malta: Gozo and Comino

The next stop is Basilica Ta Pinu, where we stopped only for a quick tour. The Basilica is truly magnificent in its appearance, size and interior.

Malta: Gozo and Comino

The last stop is the capital city Victoria, where we saw the old town center, which is quite similar to Mdina. We used to spent time walking the streets and for lunch. We ordered pizza margarita, which was surprisingly very delicious.

After the tour, we returned to the port where we waited the boat which took us to a few more views, such as rock that looks like an elephant’s head and the Santa Maria cave which is so big that we can sail into the cave.

Our trip is slowly coming to the end, and while we were returning to Buggibba, we took advantage of the last sunshine on the sun deck.

The day was very pleasant and interesting, we saw and experienced a lot of new things, especially swimming in the caves and catching the sun on the most beautiful beach ever.

The evening is concluded with the coctail, and a toast to Klemen’s birthday.