The alarm clock woke us up at 4:00 in the morning. A bit unwilling to get up due to early hour, and because we know that our holiday is really over, we pack up the latest things and get out of the room. When we come to the reception, there is nobody. Then we saw that the receptionst is lying on the couch, sleeping.  We politely woke him up, but he wasn’t the right one, so he went bahind the reception to wake up someone else. He wasn’t really happy, because he had to check us out at 4:00 in the morning.

The taxi driver picked us up right on time and we were already on our way to the airport. We went to the airport a little bit sooner, because we didn’t knew if there will be crowded or not.The road which leads to the airport was almost empty, so we arrive there after 30 min. After arriving we made check in, logged in to the wi-fi and did some a little bit more research about the Venice, which we are finally get to see in a few hours.

They say that Malta either completely fascinates you, or you do not even like it. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Malta, because I read various opinions that were really different, in particular, that Malta is expensive, no beautiful beaches, only concrete…., but also that it is very interesting and special because it offers a lot of historical and natural sights. I realize that every person sees the island differently, and that one people enjoys a holiday in Egypt at a 5 * hotel and an all inclusive offer with lying on the beach, but we like more diverse holidays, where you can explore and travel around the island. Therefore, we have made our own opinion about Malta, which is quite positive. For Malta, I thought it was quite similar to Sicily by driving, communication, the landscape, but Malta is quite the opposite of Sicily. Malta has a completely different landscape, communication is flowing, as everyone speaks fluent English, the landscape is more or less rocky, so are the beaches, although some sandy beaches can be found by the information of others on the island, but we have not explored them.

In short, we liked Malta a lot,  because it offers something for everyone, from sights or hanging on the beach. It is also great that we can see the island in a few days, just like we did. We definitely recommend visiting Malta and we will definitely come back one day.