After seventeen days of exploring Java, Bali and Nusa Penida, we are returning home. The last days of travel are always difficult, as you get used to a stress-free life and you fell into the carefree pace of Asian life pretty quickly.

We have a flight from Bali back to Java at early afternoon. We spent the last hours in Bali enjoying the pool and the last visit in our favorite warung. Returned flight to Java is with low-cost carrier Air Asia, which turns out to be (nothing new) inaccurate. Plane had the delay of almost 3 hours. Thankfully, we still had so much time  in reserve that we still caught a flight to Doha. While waiting at the Jakarta airport, we wanted to eat something quick, but were quite disappointed with their food offer. More or less everything closed. We barely found a store where we got our last French croissants.

Flight to Doha, passed quickly despite nine hours in the ai r. There is a short stop in Doha and we are already on our way to Budapest. In the morning we landed in Budapest, where the situation with transportation to Slovenia has become quite complicated for us. As soon as we turned our phone back on, we received a message, that the man who we agreed to take us to Slovenia canceled. Reason? Excessive purchase in Ikea. He even suggested he could take only one of us and the other one to find a ride elsewhere. Anyway … After eight hours of waiting at the airport, we finally get lucky and (in the 4th attempt) we get a ride home. For the first time, we used transportation through the website, and because of the unreliability (probably) the last time.