In the morning, we eat a delicious breakfast on the terrace, and this time is prepared by the owner herself. After breakfast we slowly pack our things up and prepare to leave. It’s time to go from Nusa Penida back to Bali. The transport was arranged yesterday by the owner, who agreed for a speedboat for a relatively good price for us. This time, we did not decide to return to Bali by ferry to Padang-bay, as we are heading for Sanur, which is the second port on the island, for a slightly higher price with a speedboat.

In principle, we have no fear such as fear of water or speed, and if either of us were to meet any of these two fears, there is little chance that any of us would ever get on a boat in our lives. Despite the relatively calm sea, the ride back to Bali was full of adrenaline, at times terrifying. Speedboat was rushing at sea at such a speed that it occasionally skipped waves, then with such force it crashed into the water that we thought the boat would break in half.

We, however, survive the adrenaline ride without too much stress, which I cannot say for the rest of the passengers, who were as white as a wall when they disembarked. There is no pier in Sanur, where we disembarked, so we jumped right on the beach with all our luggage. In Sanur, we find a taxi that takes us to Legian, where we will stay for the rest of our stay in Bali.


We chose Legian for the reason, as we wanted a little rest for the last 4 days, but we still wanted to be in the center of the event. Legian (also Seminyak) is said to be a calmer version of Kuta. In Legian, we find a huge variety of accommodations, from hostels to upscale hotels. We found a nice hotel with a swimming pool and 10 minutes walking distance from the sea. Warungs, European food restaurants, shops and stalls, and massage parlors are just steps away. The hotel rooms are huge, with air conditioning, a safe, a water heater, so you can make tea or coffee as well. The hotel boasts an excellent plentiful breakfast and a clean pool.

From Nusa Penida back to Bali