Hue is a city often overlooked by many travelers traveling through Vietnam. That is a shame, since the town is really small, but a beautiful place that stops along the Parfume River. Hue is a mediocre city in Vietnam that was once the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. The main attraction of the city is the huge 19th century citadel and Imperial City.

Imperial City or forbidden city

The fort and palace in the city of Hue were once the administrative capital of southern Vietnam. Imperial City is a huge complex, which was between 1802 and 1945 the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. The area around the citadel is surrounded by a ditch fed by the Perfume River. Inside the citadel is the Imperial city or forbidden city. The large complex was the administrative center of southern Vietnam in the 17th and 18th centuries. The ticket will cost you 150,000 VND (5.80 €).

Perfume River

The Perfume River flows through Hue and can be a relaxing break from city life. The river is named after the tropical scents, which are transmitted from river-rich plant sources, surrounded by historical sights of the ancient city. On the excursion, enjoy the river views and visit other Hue accessible areas by boat. Boats reach most of Hue’s attractions, including Thien Mu Pagoda and some royal tombs. Trip rates range from $ 5 to $ 20 per person.

Outdoor Military Museum

In the immediate vicinity of the Imperial City is a military museum in the open air, where you can see many tanks, planes and helicopters from the Vietnam war. By the each vehicle is a tag plate where the vehicle was taken and by whom. Admission is $ 1.

Hue, military museum

Dong Ba Market

More than historical things, we are interested in traveling to local market places. Dong Ba Market stretches over 16.000 km2 and offers everything from local Vietnamese products, souvenirs, local food, clothing, fresh fruits and vegetables. Market is located along the Perfume, near the bus station.

Thien Mu Pagoda

The octagonal tower is a perfect combination of architecture and picturesque nature. It is the highest religious building in Vietnam and is considered as the unofficial symbol of Hue.

Abandoned Hue Water Park

Ho Thuy Tien is a small lake that is an abandoned water park area. The place is a paradise for photographers, because you can take some unusual photos here because of the surroundings.


Hue is not exactly known for its beautiful beaches, but its surrounding area offers a beach where you can relax and enjoy the sunhine. About 8 km from Hue, Thuan An Beach is one of the city’s popular points. The beach is tidy and belongs to Beach Bar Hue. The entrance fee is deducted by the amount of 100,000 VND. By paying the entrance fee, you get coupons that can be fully used for food and drink at the beach bar. The rest of Thuan An Beach is not very tidy and suitable for swimming.

City Hue, beach

How to get to Hue?

If your next stop is Hue, you will have no problems with transportation, no matter what part of Vietnam you come from. You can reach the city by train, plane (Da Nang Airport) or by bus, which is the cheapest way of transportation. We arrived in Hue from Phong Nha National Park by bus. When booking a transport, ask where they drop you off. They dumped us at a bus stop located about 10 km from the city. We got to the city by a taxi, which we shared with another couple. We have paid 5 € for taxi.

How to go around Hue?

We recommend renting a scooter to explore the city. For rent you will pay 80,000 VND (3 €) per day.

Where to sleep?

You will find a lot of hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Hue. We stayed at the Ruby Bistro Hotel which is located in the city center, just 5 minutes away from the Perfume River. The rooms are clean with air conditioning and a minibar. For night and breakfast we paid 9,6 €.

Where to eat?

Hue is a place where you will definitely not be hungry. The dish that you can’t miss in Hue is ‘com hen’, which is rice with young clams. Hue is also known for its ‘che’ sweet soup, which can be prepared in as many as 50 different ways.

In Hue, we accidentally discovered an awesome restaurant, with an awesome owner. When you enter a restaurant, you don’t feel like you are in Vietnam, but in a  American diner restaurant. The restaurant is called Cocosnack Cococlub, and it offers great Vietnamese food and even more excellent burgers at normal prices.

City Hue, cococlub