Backpacking or a trip with a rucksack is an increasingly popular way of traveling, and besides getting to know new things and experiences, the most important thing is what kind of a backpack we use for the journey. So how to choose suitable traveling backpack? Before buying a backpack, we often have a dilemma about what size of a backpack to choose, because it is not practical to have too big, because it will be half empty, and even worse is that we choose too small and then we get out of space when packing. Before buying a backpack it is necessary to know where we will travel, as when traveling to Asia we do not need thicker clothes, while we need them when traveling to Iceland and therefore we also need a bigger backpack.

It is wise to choose such a backpack, which has a smaller backpack or purse that comes with a zipper attached to the larger one. A smaller backpack can then be used for day trips. It is also a convenient option to buy such a backpack so that the shoulder straps can be hidden in the backpack so we can reduce the possibility that the straps will get stuck somewhere in transport.

Things that are important to me when buying a backpack:

  • a good backbone, preferably adjustable in size
  • chest strap
  • strap that goes around the hips, as they  can carry 60% of the weight of the backpack
  • to open from the front or from the rear (not the mountain)
  • hidden straps during the flight
  • that it has two drawers inside, which can be stretched into one big one
  • that it has a little purse or a rucksack attached to the main backpack
  • rain cover for rain

When we bought each of our first travel backpackers (McKinley Cavana 70), we took into matter most of the above mentioned things, but we also used the advice of others and we bought a 70 + 10 L backpack which  is too big for me to travel across Asia. Also, as a woman, I am not exactly the typical representative who carries at least half a closet and a bunch of cosmetics with me, so my backpack was at least half empty. That is why I still added a few things that I might still need, so I was carrying unnecessarily superfluous weight with me.

Although my old backpack has served me perfectly and I definitely recommend it, I decided to sell it and buy smaller one. In the shortlist, two backpacks were the same as I already had, McKinley Cavana 50, which is a smaller model (50 + 10L) and the women’s hiking back Quechua Escape. The last one has convinced me, because it opens at the back, it has a handy carrying smaller bag, has a hard and high quality backbone, along with rain cover, the biggest reason to buy is the appropriate size so I can take it with me as a hand luggage.

How to choose suitable traveling backpack

Although I have heard from many that when buying a traveler’s backpack, don’t save money but I think that for about € 100 you will get a good and quality backpack, which is made of excellent and durable materials.

How to choose suitable traveling backpack