I had this post prepared for quite some time. For a long time, the topic of ours “immaturity” hung over my head and one night I was trying to get it from my head on my computer. Well, I think it’s time to publish it.

When you are twenty years old, there is nothing unusual if you are partying all night, sleep till lunch, you go to bed late, you do not have a partner, you may even explore the world. When you cross the age of 25 years and with the speed of light  going towards the thirties, the surroundings somehow expect you to complete your college during that time, find your partner and job, get married, you take mortgage for 20 or even 30 years and somewhere in between childrens come. If you are not married at the age of thirty, you do not have a mortgage and a child, for some people you are simply strange. But is that true?

Are you not tired of traveling?

Questions and comments like: ”Are you not tired of traveling?” You’ll have to look at the future! Now, you two are together for so long that you should think about the child? Shouldn’t you rather save the money for apartment or a house instead of spending money for traveling?”

Our answer is NO. We did not get tired of traveling and we are probably never going to be. And yes, we are also looking at the future.This means that at the moment the priority are travelings, And we adjust our life to that. We are aware that we have only one life and that it needs to be exploited as much as we can. Somehow, we stick to the principle that we are working to live and not live to work. And when will you have children? When it’s time.



Advices of older peope

One of the reasons for my thinking is the previous job, which I enjoyed as a student for six years. Retirement home, everyday contact with elders, their rich life stories and wise tips. One of the most commonly heard tips I received was to enjoy and live my life and to travel. Years quickly disappear and quickly happens that you are old. In the old years, material things do not mean anything, only memories you created during your life are priceless, and nobody can take these memories from you.

We are often asked why is money wasted on traveling instead of saving it for the future. We probably look at life differently from our peers who create life in the expected order. The sequence is somehow like this: you graduate from college, you are looking for a job and a partner, then you marry and take a loan for the next 20 or even 30 years and you buy an apartment, and at the end childrens come. We are not like that, and for now, I see my joy and sense in discovering the world. However, this does not mean that we do not think about the future and other things related to it.



What do we see in travel?

One of the common questions I receive is what do I see in travel? People would understand if we would go to destinations such as the Maldives, the Seychelles, all inclusive lounges in Egypt etc., but our journeys are everything else, but this. Our journeys look like this: driving on decaying and nagging buses without air conditioning in Sri Lanka, eating on chairs in the middle of the busiest street in Bangkok, sleeping in cheap rooms in Morocco, barging with locals in Asia, adapting to other cultures … It’s really not a pleasure (according to many people).

I always say that people are different. While someone doesn’t imagine holidays anywhere else but on the Croatian coast, others in Egypt with an all inclusive offer, some do not imagine vacationing otherwise than to discover the world with a backpack on the shoulders, although to someone this style of traveling is presented as ” tramp ” way. And yes, we have already heard that term.

We are also the people who think with their head and do not look at the expectations of society, so sometimes we are “strange” to some people. We dont’t like nervous life, therefore we like to run away every now and then, and for some time we can disconnect from everything. We especially like to travel to meet new cultures that spread our horizons to us. As we look online photos showing a different culture, people, a beautiful landscape, a colorful underwater world, famous sights around the world, paradise beaches … We don’t just want to look at the pictures, but also to experience it.