About us

Who are we and how did it all start?

We are Lucija and Klemen, the couple who loves traveling. We’ve been together since 2013 and have been traveling since we met. After just two months of beeing together, we went to our first joint trip to Sicily, where we found out that travelling is awesome. Then, our trips continued throughout the Balkan countries, South-east Asia and Africa. So far, we have collected 25 countries in our passports.

We often ask ourselves why money is wasted on travel, rather than saving for the future. We probably look at life differently from our friends who create life in the expected order. The sequence is somehow like this: you graduate from college, you are looking for a job and a partner, then you marry and take a loan for the next 20 or even 30 years, and you buy an apartment, a penny on and even then children come. We are not like this, and for the moment we see our joy in discovering the world. Life and energy are not for us, so we want to run away and change the environment during the year and thus be disconnected from all for a while.

What is our trip style?

If I had to define our travel style, I would describe it as a cheap trip with a backpack. All the opinions that in this way we get to know and feel the country where we are traveling. On the way, she never gambles, because we like to travel calmly because the meaning of the trip does not represent the sights, but the way of life of people, local food, nature …

Why does the blog write?

The blog started to come out for a very simple reason. We wanted to save some of our travel photos and memories, and one of the most optimal options was a virtual blog or blog. Over the years, the blog has been growing, and blogging has become a serious hobby. The blog writes everything about going on the road, pleasant and less pleasant adventures, tips, food … A lot of emphasis on the blog is intended primarily for useful information obtained through our experience, and thus we want to make it easier for someone to travel to the destination.

Our trips:
2013 – Sicily (7 days) = 34 travel days
2014 – Bih and Jahorina (6 days), Balkan trip in 6 countries (9 days) = 29 travel days
2015 – Thailand (21 days), Malta (5 days) = 33 travel days
2016 – Sri Lanka (18 days), Romania (8 days) = 35 travel days
2017 – France (skiing) (7 days), Indonesia (16 days), Morocco (11) = 43 days of travel
2018 – Prague and Bratislava (5 days), Montenegro (8 days), Vietnam (17 days)  = 38 days