If you ask us which is our favorite place in Slovenia, we will unanimously answer Kranjska Gora. This year, due to the whole situation with the corona, we took the time to explore places in Slovenia that we have not yet visited. First we went to Kranjska Gora, where “love” at first sight happened. Kranjska Gora actually impressed us so much that we visit it almost every month. It is famous as a great destination for a day trip or as an extended weekend. In the winter months it attracts lovers of white slopes and cross-country skiing, and in the summer months the surroundings offer many opportunities for active leisure. We share with you our 16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a modern subalpine town surrounded by the Triglav National Park. The town is a great starting point for all mountain tours, ski touring, road and mountain bikers, mountaineers and skiers, and last but not least, those who want a little peace or wellness pampering. Around the old village center, a new tourist part of the settlement has grown over the years with hotels, apartments and rooms and recreational facilities (golf, tennis, climbing wall, etc.)

16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora

Peričnik Waterfall

When we talk about the Peričnik waterfall, we are actually talking about two waterfalls, the 16 meter high upper Peričnik and lower Peričnik. The lower waterfall, with its 52 meters, is one of the highest waterfalls in our country. The special feature of both waterfalls is that we can walk behind them and see them from another perspective and observe the power of falling water. You can go to the waterfall from Mojstrana in the direction of the Vrata valley, and the starting point is parking place under the waterfall. From here to the waterfall is a 10 minute steeper climb.

16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora: pericnik waterfall

Natural reserve Zelenci

Only a good three kilometers from Kranjska Gora in the direction of Rateče, there is a nature reserve Zelenci, which is one of the most photographed corners in our country. The water from the bottom rises from the ground and creates a lake up to two meters deep, which has a distinct green color, after which the lake got its name. You can reach Zelenci by car, on foot or by bike. Leave the car along the main road in the free parking lot and follow the forest path to the lakes (5 min). You can also visit Zelenci on foot or by bike, so take a well-maintained route from Kranjska Gora. For a visit, it is recommended that you choose an earlier hours if you want to avoid crowds.

16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora: zelenci

Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley is one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in our country, which is a great point for easier hiking or mountain biking. The valley is actually an extension of Planica, where the trail begins. Two paths lead to the Tamar valley (approx. 4 km). The first trail runs through the forest and is more popular with hikers and mountaineers, while the second runs along a wider gravel trail, which is also suitable for mountain bikes. Both routes are mostly flat, so the routes are not difficult and are therefore suitable for all ages and families. At the end of the valley, a nice chapel awaits you, followed by the Tamar mountain lodge, which is open all year round.

Krnica Valley

Lodge at Krnica valley (1113 m) is located in the heart of the Krnica alpine valley. It is an approximately 6 km long valley south of Kranjska Gora, located in the area of the Triglav National Park. The valley starts at the artificial lake Jasna and runs along the Pišnica stream. To visit the lodge in Krnica, you can choose two routes, longer starting at Lake Jasna (6 km / 1 h), or shorter, starting just before the third serpentine on the road to Vršič (2.5 km / 30 min). If you have a mountain bike, you can also go on a not too demanding route by bike. The cottage is open from 1 May to 31 October, and the rest of the year only on weekends and holidays.

Lake Jasna

Before the start of the first bends of the road to Vršič, lies Lake Jasna, which is gaining more and more recognition. The lake is located just under two kilometers from the center of Kranjska Gora. It consists out of two artificially interconnected lakes. The surroundings of the lake offer quite a few activities and opportunities for spending free time. On the landscaped piers you can sunbathe overlooking the peaks, swim in the lake (16-18 C in summer), enjoy a drink, rent an SUP, climb the 6 m high panorama tower, which also serves as a jump for the bravest in summer. During the visit, do not miss the bronze statue of the goldhorn and the large wooden frame, where you must take a photo with the Julian Alps in the background. Go to the lake from Kranjska Gora on foot, by bike or by car (now paid parking).

16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora: lake jasna

Belopeška lakes

The Belopeška lakes, also the Mangart lakes (Lago di Fusine), are two lakes located in Italy. You will find them just a few minutes away from the Slovenian border. The lakes with their turquoise color and views of Mangart, invites you to visit them. They are only a 15-minute drive away from Kranjska Gora. The lakes can be reached by car, on foot or by bike. From Mojstrana (you can also start in Kranjska Gora) to the Belopeška lakes there is a picturesque cycling path. With the exception of the ascent at last kilometer, is not difficult. . There is also a circular path around both lakes. At the first lake there is also a small restaurant, where you can quench your thirst, and you can also rent a small boat.

Parking fee: 4 € / day
Kranjska Gora – Belopeška lakes = 12 km / Mojstrana – Belopeška = 25 km

reasons to visit Kranjska Gora: lago di fusine

Martuljek waterfalls

The Martuljek waterfalls are a real pearl of the Slovenian alpine world. In fact, there are two waterfalls, lower and upper Martuljek waterfall. Due to easy access through the picturesque Martuljek gorge, the waterfalls are an extremely popular excursion point. It is also suitable for families. The starting point for visiting the waterfalls is in Gozd Martuljek. On its way, the Martuljek stream creates the upper Martuljek Waterfall, which descends in three stages to a 110 m high wall. Then a little lower it falls again over a 50 m high wall, where it creates the lower Martuljek waterfall. A visit to the lower waterfall is suitable for everyone. The upper waterfall is a bit more demanding in the back and thus suitable for more experienced hikers.

Gozd Martuljek – Lower waterfall 40 min / upper waterfall 1.45 h

Jure Robic’s cycling route

One of the most beautiful cycling routes in our country is between Mojstrana and Rateče. It is officially called the Jure Robic Cycling Route. The route runs along the former railway line between Mojstrana and Kranjska Gora, which was closed in 1966. The cycling route is completely asphalted and runs separately from local road. This is excellent especially for families with small children. Along the way, you will be able to admire the mighty peaks and vast meadows, and you will also be able to see quite a few sights. You can drive to Lake Jasna, visit the Zelenci nature reserve or drive to Planica or the beautiful Belopeška lakes. There are also rest areas with picnic tables, where you can relax and have a snack.

Mojstrana – Rateče = 27 km

Nordic Center Planica

Nordic Center Planica is a modern ski-jumping and cross-country skiing center in the valley below Ponce, located 2 km from Rateče. Within the center there are 7 ski jumps, a cross-country center, a mountain museum, a wind tunnel, a café, a children’s adrenaline park, ziplines and a view platform. In addition to the outdoor cross-country tracks in the winter, you can also run in the summer in the indoor track where is snow all year.

16 reasons to visit Kranjska Gora: planica

Unique zipline in Planica

Experience the feeling of the competitors of the world’s ski jumping elite. With the help of the steepest zipline in the world, fly over the mountain giant. Your flight will be 566 meters long, and you will reach speed of up to 58 km / h in just a few seconds.

Summer toboggan Furious Pehta

With the wind in your hair, go down the 1,500-meter-long summer toboggan run. You will overcome a 293-meter altitude difference in just five minutes. Tickets are available at the lower station of the Vitranc 1 chairlift.

Price: 8 eur / ride

Russian chapel

If you drive to the Vršič pass in the direction of Kranjska Gora-Bovec, stop at the monument to the fallen Russian soldiers during the First World War, the Russian Chapel. The chapel is built of wood, in the typical style of the Russian Orthodox Church, and is dedicated to St. Vladimir.

Ajdovska deklica under mountain pass Vrsic

One of the interesting masterpieces designed by nature can be found right on the way to Vrsic. The stone face of Ajdovska deklica is best seen from the hill,  located in vicinity of Poštarski dom. The story of Ajdovska deklica is a folk legend that says that the Ajdovska deklica  prophesied to the hunter’s son that he would shoot the Golden Horn. Other girls heard about the betrayal, who cursed the girl because of the announcement of goldhorns death. When the girl returned to Prisojnik, the Ajdovska deklica was petrified forever.

Lake Rabel (Predil)

In the east of Italy, right next to the Slovenian border, lies Lake Rabel (Lago di Predil). The lake is a great place if you want to swim, relax or maybe even stand up paddle in the summer. We definitely recommend the last one. You can also rent a sup, kayak or pedal boat on the lake. There is a modest catering offer by the lake, so you should bring food and drinks with you.

Ferrata climbing

Nowadays, ferrata climbing is becoming quite a popular activity. The surroundings of Kranjska Gora offer four beautiful ferratas, two slightly heavier and two lighter, which are suitable for beginners. In Mojstrana you can choose between two ferratas, a heavier (red) and a easier (blue) ferrata. The blue one is a great ferrata, for those who are entering the world of ferrata for the first time.

The other two ferratas can be found in Gozd Martuljek, namely the Hvadnik and Jerman ferratas. The Hvadnik ferrata runs through the gorge, but it is easier, which is also suitable for beginners. The Fermata Jerman has a D / E rating, which means it is a much heavier ferrata.  It is suitable for those who already have some experience in the ferrata world. For climbing, you need self-protection equipment (climbing harness, self-protection kit and helmet). All equipment can also be rented at the Mountain Museum in Mojstrana.