When we go on a trip, there is definitely a list of things we don’t go without. First we pack a passport, a bank card and of course a mobile phone, which can be a great tool when planning a trip. Nowadays, there are many travel apps that make it easier for us to plan a trip. Finding good apps is time consuming, and most of them aren’t exactly useful. We have already tried many mobile applications, but only a few have proven useful. Here is our list of 15+ useful travel apps to make our travels easier.


Skyscanner is a fairly popular app that allows you to quickly find airline tickets from all airline providers around the world. Using the application is quick and easy to use, and with its help we can quickly find the appropriate airline tickets. One of the most useful functions is to enter the departure airport and destination in the search engine, and with the help of a color calendar and graphic display we can see how air ticket prices are moving and on which dates tickets are more favorable. If you already have a travel date selected, you can set a reminder for a specific date in the app, which will notify you of any price changes with a notification.


We use the Google Maps or Maps.me application for navigation. We recommend the last one especially in moments when the mobile signal runs out or in case we do not have mobile data. Before leaving for the trip, you need to download the maps of the desired destination to your phone. You can also use the navigation while cycling, driving and walking.

Hotel Tonight

Great app if you are looking for accommodation at the last minute. Hotel Tonight allows you to book the same evening or seven days before your stay. Available accommodations are categorized into a variety of price categories, from basic rooms to luxury hotels, and the app offers great prices and discounts for last minute bookings.


If you love wild camping and camping in general, the iOverlander app is indispensable for you. It is intended for finding accommodation, such as hotels, and primarily for finding campsites and places suitable for wild camping. The app marks places where people have already slept, and the app then records the place. They usually record the coordinates of what the place looks like, how it is accessible, what is nearby (water, electricity, bar), and in most cases users also add a photo for easier presentation. The application is free and works without a mobile connection.


Quik is a very handy app to create video quickly and in a fairly easy way. The app allows you to quickly create a video from your photos and videos on your phone. There are many options for manually setting to create videos, such as various effects, filters, adding music, etc. Quik analyzes selected content and makes smart cuts to highlight the best part of the clip.

15+ useful travel apps


The Park4night app is similar to the iOverlander app, only more suited for traveling with a motorhome, van or car. In the application you will find points marked with various icons. These are icons for free parking, paid and private parking, campsites, farms, and also spaces suitable for wild camping.

When we find a suitable place on the map, we click on the icon that shows us a more detailed overview. Here we see photos (if any), location description, rating and comments from people who have already visited the space. The application works without an internet connection, and you do not need to register to search for locations.

Google translate

One of the most popular translation applications is Google Translate, which enables translations in as many as 102 languages, and translations in 59 languages are also possible without an Internet connection.


We simply cannot do without the Lightroom app. It is one of the highest quality image editing apps right on your mobile. You can change the average image with a few clicks to make it look much better. The application is free and easy to use. It allows you to easily adjust colors, crop photos, add any filters, and more.

15+ useful travel apps


Quite a useful application for communication, especially if you are abroad. It allows the user to exchange messages, photos and video calls for free. Use of the application is free. All you need to use is an internet connection and a mobile number.


The most useful and established application for finding accommodation is definitely Booking. Finding accommodation through the app is completely easy. You enter the destination, date, number of people traveling in the search engine and the application already finds the appropriate accommodation.


The Canva app will be of great help to you if you are active on social networks on your travels. The app allows you to easily create graphics for various documents, posts for Facebook, stories for Instagram and many other things where you need a quick and easy design. There are many pre-prepared suggestions and motives for use. Use of the application is free.

XE Currency Converter

The free XE Curreny Converter app quickly converts exchange rates between most world currencies. All data is updated when connected to the Internet, but is still stored in the application. This allows you to use the application without an internet connection.


Netflix isn’t really a travel app, but it can be an indispensable gadget on the go. It is an online platform that allows you to watch TV series and movies. If you have a Netflix account (monthly subscription), the app allows you to watch your favorite series or movies on your phone, tablet or computer. You can download the content to your device and view it later, even without a mobile connection.

15+ useful travel apps

Are you always afraid that you will forget to pack some clothes or forget something important on the trip? The PackPoint app will make sure you prepare for the trip without worries and that you don’t forget important things at home. The app advises what to pack for your trip, depending on your time and length of trip, the weather at the destination and the activities you will undertake.


The app is a great tool for organizing and planning an epic roadtrip, anywhere in the world. The Roadtripper not only plans your route, but also offers suggestions where to stop. The application helps you find tourist attractions, accommodation and suitable restaurants.

15+ useful travel apps

Google Maps

It is one of the most popular navigation applications, city search, route planning, sightseeing, etc. Google Maps is an indispensable companion on road trips as well as on other trips. It offers voice-guided navigation, for driving, cycling or walking, and also reports traffic jams and in this case offers you another route option. You can use the application even when you are not connected to the Internet. In this case, it is recommended that you download a map of the place before going abroad.